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Download Post Brutal for free on the App Store and Google Play!

Capture your face and voice to become the hero of the zombie apocalypse!

The world is post-apocalyptic and brutal. Your choices will shape the future of the disaster struck city that wants you dead.

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Post Brutal is a fully 3D third person Action RPG experience for mobile that takes the hammer to the so called limits of the platform.

Enter the quarantine of City Zero as you band together with other survivors in an effort to stay alive long enough to unravel the mystery of The Event, the cataclysm that drove over half the city’s population into a feral frenzy.

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“I enjoyed my time in this post-apocalyptic world. I think most of you will too”

Andy Chassé

“The game has a meaty campaign; one that is full of plenty of voiced scenes, and multiple endings based on choices you make”

Naail Zahid
Post Brutal - Place yourself in the game!

Place Yourself in the Game

With FaceRoom, you can give your apocalypse survivor your own face, giving you all the more reason to keep on surviving!

With VoiceRoom you can reply in conversation with your fellow survivors with your own voice, integrating you in the world of Post Brutal as a genuine character with their feet on the streets of City Zero, and not just a mute, faceless stand in.

Intense, Dynamic Combat

Switch seamlessly between melee and ranged combat; turn day to day items like kitchen knives and baseball bats into instruments of gore soaked survival or graduate to medieval replicas like the broadsword to carve up the opposition.

Post Brutal - Intense, Dynamic Combat!
Post Brutal - One Shot, One Kill!

One Shot, One Kill

Keep your distance from the rabble with a range of pistols, automatic rifles and heavy armament, from the humble but reliable 9mm pistol, to the flesh melting Personal Flamethrower.

The blood splatter and flying limbs hide a satisfyingly tactical system; each weapon type behaves differently and you’ll need to arm yourself wisely against the zombie tide.

Explore City Zero

Experience the fallout of City Zero’s post-apocalyptic streets, military safe zones, maintenance tunnels, industrial complexes and more as you strive to unravel the truth behind ‘The Event’.

Post Brutal - Explore City Zero!
Post Brutal - Develop Your Skills!

Meaningful Character Development

With 10 skills to choose from and up to 30 skill levels to upgrade and adapt those skills with, you decide the tools you use to survive. Contrast and combine skill sets to tailor your character to your style.

Each upgrade is not just better statistics, but tangible benefits that make a noticeable difference to how the character performs, and the top tier rewards earn their name. Shred enemies into bloody chunks with the highest level of Iron Arm and root out hidden NPCs with master level navigation!

Become Part of the Story

Featuring an engaging story and a rich world to explore, Post Brutal pits players as a lone survivor in the cordoned city searching for answers behind the disaster through the day to day battle with the bestial Afflicted, sadistic Raiders, and the ruthless Ferris Fraternum, as well as the deadliest enemy of all who dwell within the city walls: starvation.

Get to know other survivors through conversation, discover what is happening elsewhere in emails and journals, uncover official records that fill in pieces of the puzzles, and even hear what the outside world thinks of the situation through news bulletins, and how far from reality that may be.

Post Brutal - Become Part Of The Story!
Post Brutal - A Challenge Beyond Brutal!

A Challenge Beyond Brutal

Once you think you’ve conquered the wasteland of City Zero, think again with higher difficulty modes and an all new challenge that yields greater rewards. Tougher, meaner zombies, better armed and armoured human rivals, higher stakes.

It’s only when you’ve overcome the worst that the city has to throw at you that you’ll reveal all there is to find…

Multiple Endings!

Your actions will decide the fate of other survivors as you complete objectives your own way and ultimately unlock a variety of multiple endings!

Customizable UI!

As well as adjusting the sensitivity of the controls, you can hide contextual options and change the position and size of the core game buttons!

Joypad Compatible!

Post Brutal is compatible with a range of joypads and offers full access to key bindings so you can change the controls as you see fit!

Achievements & Rewards!

With 3 difficulty levels and achievements per mission and almost 70 rewards to earn, Post Brutal offers a staggering amount of replayability!

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Do you have what it takes to survive the fallout of City Zero?

The children of The Event are closing in. The zombies of The Afflicted want your blood. The sadistic raiders want you to suffer. Your choices will shape the future of the disaster struck city that wants you dead.

Download Post Brutal for free on the App Store and Google Play!